Latest News and Information

Annual General Meeting 2023

This year the 2023 Transfusion Positive AGM will be held on Saturday September 1st in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. Contact the office for further information.

Office Reopened

As per Irish Government guidelines, our office has reopened and we are no longer working remotely. Members should continue to contact us as matters arise.

Hospital Services

HAA cardholders are exempt from statutory in-patient and A&E charges in all public hospitals. Should you have any difficulty with your card being accepted in any public hospital, contact the office.

Prescription Items and Charges

The 2.50 charge per item on prescriptions does not apply to HAA cardholders. HAA cardholders are entitled to all prescribed drugs and medications without charge, including certain over the counter products. This does not include cosmetic type toiletries such as perfume; make up, bath products etc. Additional information on your HAA card and entitlements is available here

We would like to remind members when obtaining a prescription from their GP that it is written on a private script. If you have queries on what items are covered with your HAA card, contact the office.

Smithfield Rapid Injury Clinic

We wish to remind members that Smithfield Rapid Injury Clinic accepts Health Amendment Act (HAA) cards. This is a public facility in which cardholders are entitled to receive treatment. Contact the office for further information.