About us

Brief History of our Organisation

In 1994 the Irish Blood Transfusion Services Board announced the infection of women with Hepatitis C through the administration of Anti-D. In the wake of this announcement it became apparent that there were a large number of persons infected with Hepatitis C through the administration of contaminated blood and blood products. A small number of people infected through blood transfusion met and formed a group which we now know as Transfusion Positive. Approximately 1,600 people received contaniminated blood or blood product and contracted hepatitis c. Since 2004 51 people have died from Hepatitis C acquired through Blood Transfusions. Read more

Executive Committee

Transfusion Positive has an Executive Committee, elected annually at our AGM. The committee is comprised of seven officers. In addition, we have a number of regional support delegates throughout the country.

Transfusion Positive is represented on the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C by committee member Michael Madigan. The Consultative Council on Hepatitis C was established by the Minister for Health and Children to advise on all matters relating to Hepatitis C.

Transfusion Positive have two representatives on the Steering Committee for Insurance Scheme for Persons with Hepatitis C (State Acquired). The Committee includes representatives from all the support groups.

Our committee members regularly attend conferences to keep our membership abreast of the most up to date treatments and developments in relation to Hepatitis C.


Our office is located at Fitzwilliam Business Centre, 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2. We have a therapy room where a Registered Nurse is available to provide members with a range of complementary therapies including massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. These services are provided free of charge under the entitlements of the Health Amendment Act card. If you would like to schedule a therapy or for information on how to access therapists in your area contact our office.

Support Meetings

Transfusion Positive hold regular support meetings in Dublin and throughout the country. These meetings allow people to express their needs and concerns in an informal and confidential setting. Contact our office for details.

Young Adults (18 - 35 years)

We are aware that many young people have been infected by contaminated blood and blood products. We organise support and information evenings for these members. Issues relevant to younger members are discussed at these evenings. Further information is available from our office.